Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling Services

Financial Analysis is the process of assessing business, project, investment, budget, and other finance-related entities to serve as the basis for decision-making. Such analysis includes budget preparation, valuation of a company/project, feasibility studies, credit analysis, etc. The focus on the analysis are numbers and ratios from financial statements – balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

On the other hand, financial modeling is used to project future company’s/project’s financial statements through the help of Excel. It is based on the historical performance of the company/project, plus the relevant assumptions to project the future performance.

RDN Consulting has the relevant certification of Profesional Financial Modeler (PFM) to perform such services, as issued by the International Financial Modeling Institute (IFMI). Our services includes:

Prediction on each significant assumption, where the assumptions are predicted through the use of various tools including quantitative techniques.

Determine the value of equity, investment or project.

Determine the repayment capacity of a company or project and the viability for a borrower to repay its liabilities.

The prediction of future financial statements developed based on multiple assumptions.

Determine whether a project is feasible for development or acquisition.

Analyzing the level of risk and sensitivity and the probabilistic nature of a model.